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COTS Procurement

Examples include computers, printers, scanners, software, raw materials, nuts, bolts, and fasteners. COTS may include software and hardware rollout, installation, and training services.

Low-risk Procurement

Examples are automobiles, high-value software, buses, vehicles, and large electrical generators. Due to scarce critical components, these items may have a long lead-time delivery requirement.

High-risk Procurement

Examples are information technology services, a new software package, a new computer system, a new airplane, new radar systems, or any critical product -hardware or software component.

Special procurements

These procurements are executed strictly following a teaming agreement, alliance, or arrangement. Examples are product or service alliances, promotional alliances, logistics, and pricing collaborations.

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Our agents demystify the procurement, shipping strategy, insurance, and a balance between shipping cost and profitability.

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We operate based on § 143-135.9 Best Value procurements and 9184 Providing for the Modernization, Standardization, and Regulation of the Procurement Activities. These best practices also streamline procurement processes and monitoring of procurement activities.

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Analyze the advantage and disadvantages of the contract and negotiate the terms favorable to our clients

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Inaccurate data leads to unsound procurement decisions, shortages, excess inventory, and other additional procurement challenges and can negatively affect an organization’s bottom line.

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We provide a virtual platform that allows consumers, producers, homeowners, and renters to connect mutually to benefit both parties

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Our agents boost support for your business success. On-demand, they can negotiate business deals and procure and ship complex and off-the-shelf items.

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Identify, analyze, and mitigate potential risks associated with product delivery, market-price changes, cost, and quality. We put in place risk or contingency plans to minimize or correct any errors, mistakes, or unforeseen situations that may tend to derail the goal of the contract.

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We use software and intelligent technologies such as Pucurify and ProcurementExpress.com. Procurify is an intuitive interface that empowers users to track proactively, control, and analyze spending. It seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks. Procurement Express.com allows team members to create purchase requests on the go that can get approved by pre-defined approvers - from any device.

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The procurement management landscape is changing. And technology and innovation change the game between cost increases and decreases. We foster new technologies, such as digital solutions, to pay less and deliver quality services faster.

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We identify the right supplier with excellent performance and can deliver quality and durable goods and services.

If you dream it, we can achieve it at a fraction of the cost and time, GUARANTEED.

Our Skills

  • Procurement Technologies - 99%
  • Time, cost, and quality management - 98%
  • Supply Chain Management - 97%
  • Team & Relationship Management-98%
  • Trust & Reliability-97%
  • Negotiation & Conflict Resolution- 99%
  • Adaptability & Patience - 98%
  • Project & Risk management - 98%
  • Multiple Languages-96%
  • Strategic Thinking-97%

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From low to major (high-risk) complexity procurements, we help build mutually beneficial risk-sharing partnerships that successfully achieve procurement goals

Dr. Abu Fofana, CEO of FNF Foundation.org

We shop Commercial off-The Shelf commodities or procurements -information technology equipment and office supplies, to name a few- package, wrap, and ship them.

We create innovative procurement ideas in planning, solicitation, source identification, Source Selection, Contract Administration, and contract closeout.

Big and creative ideas

Creative ideas in procurement planning, solicitation, source identification, Source Selection, Contract Administration, and contract closeout.

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