In 1964, Liberian president William Tubman proposed an economic union for West Africa leading to an agreement which was signed in 1965 by the four states of Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. However, it was not until 1972 that a proposal for a union of West African States emerged. ECOWAS is meant to foster interstate economic and political cooperation. Its members are as follows:

Benin Ghana Niger
Burkina Faso Guinea Nigeria
Cabo Verde Guinea Bissau Sénégal
Cote D’Ivoire Liberia Sierra Leone
The Gambia Mali Togo

Population, 2015 estimate 349,154,000
GDP (PPP), 2015 estimate US$1.483 trillion
Per capita US$4,247
GDP (nominal) $675 billion
Per capita $1,985

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