Business Directory

African Marketplace Business Directory provides entrepreneurs the opportunities to learn about local, regional, and international products and services produced in urban populated areas, including large and small cities as well the remote villages and towns . It makes it easier to initiate business contact, transact business or trade relations and activities between manufacturer, wholesaler, and a retailer.  Some of the advantages our dynamic Business Directory include the following factors:

You can find a list of wide range of detail information about industries, business partnerships, and business agents within the ECOWAS and Maghreb Union marketplaces

We provide an accurate foreign-language version of contract, presentations, newsletters, reports, correspondence, and other trade related documentations.

Through integrated directory platform, businesses can search for products and services quickly, and establish business client relationships with other companies or individuals

Our diverse international multilingual staffers lay the groundwork for future business to business transactions

We enable businesses to showcase their products and services at our conferences and trade shows

Promote awareness of the products and services through social media

Provide low-cost marketing strategies that help businesses connect with other businesses

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